Fictional Works

11/8/2018 — Our First Session

She was nervous. Isn’t it funny how you can be so excited for something but when the time comes to follow through and experience the moment you were waiting for, that you feel frozen in fear? All the questions racing through a sluts’ mind. Will Master be pleased with me? Will I respond well to his commands? Will my body respond to his touch? Will I shut my mind off and submit like the good slut that we both know I am? “Yes”. She knows she will, but the fear of the unknown is still hanging over her. It taunts her and makes her fearful that she will disappoint him.

She has met Master several times now. He is kind, patient, handsome and fun to talk to. Master is proud of his slut and she wants to keep him that way. She cannot stand the idea of causing him disappointment. She arrives as instructed at 7pm, dressed as she normally would when she leaves for a Saturday evening, and not drawing unwanted questions from her kids as she leaves the house. A pair of jeans, a top that shows off her 38D curves and a pair of heeled boots that tie the outfit together, giving her the confidence that she needs to get out of her car. 

Deep breath in…slow breath out. Three times she does this, then she turns off her car, and her shaking hand reaches to open the door. “Here we go…you can do this!” she says to herself as she steps out of the car. She tries to walk confidently up to the door, but she starts shaking again as she rings the doorbell. As the door opens, she can hear her voice quiver as she says hello to Master.

His smile calms her a bit as she walks through the door. She removes her coat and looks up at her Master who instantly wraps his arms around her. She is enveloped in his arms, her face buried to his chest and she breaths in the smell that she now associates with her safe place. She feels her racing heart begin to slow down and her breathing calms as he holds her. She knows everything is going to be ok.

Master knows that his little slut is nervous, so he gives her a drink of water and allows her to adjust to her surroundings. He sees her beginning to calm and become herself again, so he tells her that it is time for our session. “Are you ready?” he asks. She looks up into his eyes and with a shaky and quiet voice, she answers “Yes, Master. I am ready”.

He firmly takes her by the hand and leads her to another room where she is instructed to undress to her panties and wait for his return. She was left standing alone and heard the door gently close behind her. Fuck. Is this really happening? The shaking started again as she slowly undressed, folding her clothes as she took them off. First the boots, then her jeans. Another deep breath and she slowly removed her shirt, folding it as she set it down on top of her neatly folded jeans. Finally, the pretty bra that she chose for the evening. Slowly unsnapped and laid across the stack of folded clothes. She pulls the hair tie off of her wrist and pulls her long brown hair into a ponytail. 

There she stood, in nothing but a black thong, wondering what she should do next. Should she just awkwardly stand here and wait? Should she go sit down on the furniture in the room? Should she be kneeling on the floor? She understands that she is no longer the girl who walked in the door. When Master returns, he will be different, and she will become the submissive slut he needs her to be. She chooses to kneel on the floor, looking down at her lap. She feels less exposed and wants to be respectful to Master as he returns. She is shaking and cannot tell if she is cold or just nervous. How long has he been gone? 2 minutes? 5? It feels like 30. 

Just as she starts wondering what she should do now, the door slowly starts to open and Master quietly steps in. She can feel him looking her over with approval, but he does not say a word. She looks up at him with a shy smile as he approaches and feels the wetness grow in her panties as he approvingly tells her that she is a good girl. He quietly looks at her for a moment and then firmly tells her to stand. She reaches his outstretched hand and stands up before him. He slowly walks around her, inspecting his slut; touching the breasts that are his, fondling the pussy that he owns as he feels the wetness that he has created in her panties, traces her spine and then caresses her curves. “Mine” is all he said. It was all he needed to say. “Yes Master, it is all yours”. 

He led her over to the other side of the room and told her to stand with her hands on the wall. When she quickly obeyed, he told her that she was a good slut. She was happy because she knew that she was making Master proud. She heard him quietly walk away without a word, but she did not dare move. Moments later he returned and told her to close her eyes. She obeyed without hesitation just to find her world go dark with a silky piece of fabric. She could hear her own heart beat and feel it speeding up, not knowing what was in store for her. 

Then she could feel his warm hands touching her gently. Caressing, kneading, and teasing all of the parts that once belonged to her. He slowly claimed every inch of her. She could smell his cologne near her, she quivered and dripped as he touched her skin and heard him ask “Who is your Master?”. Without a second thought, her shaky voice said: “You are, Master Eddie”. His response was a simple but firm “Good Girl”. 

She faintly heard him rustling about behind her shortly before she felt the soft leather of a flogger drag across her shoulders, around her neck and then come to rest up by her face. He instructed her to smell it. When she inhaled, she smelled the wonderful smell of soft leather, and it made her wet with excitement. He started slow and gentle and she purred in delight. He continued to build speed and strength in his swings and she moaned every time the leather strands struck her back and bottom. Master then stopped and asked “Are you doing ok? Are you ready for more?”. His little slut smiled and nodded her head, “Yes Master, I am ready”. 

She doesn’t know where he led her but she found herself lying down, panties gone, and on her back, her hands slowly raised above her head. He applied leather restraints to her wrists and secured her comfortably. He did the same with her ankles, ensuring that she was comfortable but under his control. She was scared. She trusted Master to take care of her and to keep her safe. He knows her limits. 

Master touched his sluts’ breasts with the erect pierced nipples and smiled in approval. His hand slowly traced down her side, along all her curves and slid down to touch the pussy that he now owns. It was slippery, and the slightest touch made her moan. “mmmm…that’s a good slut. All wet for Master” he said to her in a low voice. She felt the sting of the flogger across her belly and then it slowly dragged along her pussy just hitting her clit. She let out a growl in pleasure. Master teased her this way for a bit and then she could feel his warm mouth on her, as he tasted her wetness. She squirmed and begged Master to let her cum but he said: “not yet”.  She didn’t know if she could control it…she was so close. The pulsing was so intense that it hurt. She felt his strong hands enter her and felt the intense wave of pleasure as Master stroked her g-spot and once again teased her clit with his tongue. She begged to please let her cum. Master said only two words “Cum…now”. That was all she needed to hear as she growled and let a flood of juices pour out of her. He continued to rub and tease her, not letting the orgasm end. Her legs were shaking, and it felt so intense but she couldn’t stop. Master was enjoying having her under his control. She has been a good girl and he was rewarding her with many orgasms. 

Master then released his sluts’ wrists and ankles and helped her to sit up. Removing the blindfold, she was able to look up into Masters’ eyes as he told her to kneel. He placed her hand on his firm cock and she smiled as she started to slowly stroke and lick it for him. Long, slow licks up the shaft and gently sucking the tip. The sound of his groans and his hand firmly holding her hair was all she needed to speed up her work and take the length into her mouth. Slowly sliding it in and out, while sucking and stroking in a rhythm that had him thrusting it faster and faster, hitting her throat and making her gag. Suddenly, he groaned and held her head as he released the warm, salty gift into her mouth. She sucked it as it pumped into her mouth and she swallowed every last drop. 

Master helped her to her feet and told her what a good girl she was.  He helped her to lie down next to him, giving her hugs and reassurance that she was a good slut and pleased Master in their first session. She knew that this was baby steps and that he was making her feel safe for their first time. She knew that next time would be different, Master slowly pushing her limits and exploring what they really were together. For now, she was floating. She felt at peace. She felt safe in his arms. She was happy because she pleased her Master. 

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