The List…

I may be just a little bit sassy. Well, OK…maybe more than a little. This should not be confused with being a brat. I can have a bratty moment for sure but I am not a true brat. I like to follow rules. I like to know my place. I want to be respectful. I LOVE playing with my Dominant friends and seeing that sadistic grin slowly form as the fire lights up behind their eyes as I start to squirm in my seat. When I get nervous and I sense that mind fuck starting, I sometimes have what I can only describe as ‘Word Vomit’. The phenomenon of Word Vomit quite simply is not being able to control what is about to come out of my mouth. It is sassy, it is silly, it something you do NOT say directly to your Dominant or within earshot of many Dominants. You will see a slow turn of the head from each of them, a change of the energy in the room and something about the hole I have begun digging. You will receive pity and probably a silent thank you of any submissive nearby as they are no longer on whatever hot seat that they have created for themselves. Finally, Daddy will likely tell me to add it to the list…uh oh…that’s where the learning takes place!

This is far from an all-inclusive list, as I have vomited so many more things over the last several years. These are the big ones to date…I have no doubt that this list will grow exponentially over time. This little girl does not learn this lesson quickly…or perhaps more realistically, she resists learning it because it really is so fun to have this banter and perhaps a little correction as a result!

  1. When you inadvertently become the center of attention and a group of friendly Dominants are teasing and making you squirm in your seat, the words: “I’m not scared” are a big mistake of judgement if you utter them. Word Vomit. It was meant to deflect…I have a respectful fear of all of you! The result…Every sadistic Dominant within earshot stops what they are doing, mid-conversation, to slowly turn and look at you as if to say they have accepted the challenge as presented…let the fun begin. Wait…fun for who?!
  2. If you are at a convention and your eyes are being opened to some sadistic devices that you did not know existed…do NOT approach one and say: “What is that?! It looks scary!”. The result of this action is increased excitement from the Dominant that is accompanying you to said convention. You now need to be face to face with this scary device as you listen to a detailed description of how it can be used. The result…perhaps some moisture…a bit of excitement…but mostly heightened anxiety levels and the creation of a Dominant who is now behaving like a child on Christmas morning. Wait…he did not actually buy that…did he?!
  3. When you are walking down the street in the hand of a Dominant, and the pace is just a bit too fast for you…do NOT…I repeat…do NOT abruptly shout: “HEEL!” as you jerk his arm back. The uncontrolled giggling as you exclaim: “I can’t believe that actually worked!” is really not worth the glare you will receive and the potential correction that will undoubtedly be the result of these actions. Hmm…no correction at all? Maybe not a worthy Dom after all!
  4. When your Dominant asks you: “What’s for dinner?”…the appropriate response is never a sassy: “I’m not telling!” as you sport your best evil grin and giggle. It will backfire and result in threats of prolonged tortuous stimulation, orgasm denial and a very scary twinkle in the eye. Of course…sometimes threats are just threats…I’m not scared!
  5. When a Harley-riding Dominant is excitedly talking about the nice weather and how he looks forward to “taking his bike out for a ride”…NEVER EVER EVER put on a straight face and ask about his bicycle and then comment on wanting to get your Trek out for a spin too. You will see a very slow head turn in your direction, an eyebrow raise and will know will know what true fear feels like.
  6. During a session that includes impact play….two things to remember: First…Never ask: “Is that all you’ve got?!”. This will result in you finding out just what he is capable of…eek! Second…consider your tone if you shout “Motherfucker!” or any other explitives at the intensity of play…sometimes they think it is directed at them and the result is not pretty.
  7. When you are given an assignment and are told to make sure your nails are painted the next time he sees you…especially if you really don’t want to have your nails painted…A. Do not complain about not wanting to waste time at the spa. B. Do not ask what the punishment will be if you don’t complete the task…THEY KNOW THAT YOU ARE DECIDING WHICH IS WORSE — PUNISHMENT OR NAIL SPA. C. When you are told the punishment will fit the crime…do NOT…I repeat…do NOT glance at your nails and then excitedly ask if he will then paint them for you. This action will result in a very quick and solid paddling with witnesses before you know what even happened. D. When you do arrive at the next outing and are asked about your nails, think twice about that decision to throw a clear coat on before running out the door…yes, they are painted. No, he did not specify the color. Yes…you are indeed in trouble for finding that loophole!
  8. A piece of yellow “CAUTION” tape has a strange welcoming effect to a sadistic dominant, thus making it a bad idea to place above your newly pierced nipples at a group gathering.

9. Goggles offer an oddly effective barrier to newly pierced nipples, although they also offer a challenge to all dominants in the vicinity…#lessonslearned. Smart and sane submissives do not challenge Dominants…apparently I am neither smart nor sane in this area.

10. “Because I said so!” is NEVER a good reason…EVER. Word Vomit at its best…what more is there to say?

11. It is a very bad idea to suggest that perhaps you could be a little switchy to your Dom…and when he tells you that this will not be happening, you absolutely do not consider saying anything like: “I see how it is….so you can dish it out but you can’t take it!”. You will be asked if you are adding to that your list…and which point you will reply: “Yes…it is has been added”. Trust me…it wasn’t worth it.

12. When you are excited that you are going to see Daddy today…resist the urge to exclaim: “Hurry up then! Get your butt over here and give me a hug!!”…”Yes…it has been added to the list”.

13. When Daddy says: “No toys tonight because of your sassiness earlier”, it is not recommended that you ask him to “define toys” and that you can “neither confirm nor deny the possibility of you just stomping your foot at this restriction”. You will instantly get the response: “Add it to your list babygirl”…ruh roh

14. When a friendly Dominant asks what you are writing about in your blog? The correct answer is not: “How to torment my protector”…just don’t do it. Word Vomit.

15. When your Daddy says that a correction is needed for any infraction, a good girl should not say: “Oh…I don’t think that will be necessary!”. Apparently, that will seal your fate and you will find yourself learning two lessons instead of one. “Add it to your list babygirl”.

16. When you tell Daddy that you are going to use power tools and try to hang up curtain rods and curtains, and he tries to give you advice about finding the “studs”…It is not advisable to sarcastically laugh and say: “Oh…don’t you worry…I know all about finding the studs!”. Yep…already added to the list.

17. When Daddy says: “No cumming” and you just can’t hold it anymore and you spring a really really big leak and make a mess…it is not advisable to tell Daddy that it was entrapment that caused you to break the rule. Yep…its added to the list.

18. You should try harder to think before you speak and even when you try really hard…fight it even more if your thoughts are anything about “feeling a little switchy”. If you fail and say something dumb like: “I’ll bet I could swing that flogger really well, too!” and Daddy says: “no…Daddy wouldn’t like that at all”…the appropriate response is NEVER … “well, Daddy has to fall asleep eventually!” Don’t do it…just don’t…trust me.

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